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Recruitment of CAS Pioneer Hundred Talent Program(Type C) at SINANO
Update time: 2016-06-07
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The Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics (SINANO) was jointly founded in March 2006 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the government of Jiangsu Province, the government of Suzhou City and the Suzhou Industrial Park, located in Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District with beautiful scenery. The researchers of SINANO are mainly occupied in the field of nano devices and materials, nano bionics, nano biological medicine, printing electronics and lightweight functional materials focusing on energy, environment, information, life, medical, etc. There are 499 staffs in SINANO, 80 have senior title, 99 have sub-senior title.42 scientists are funded by " Hundred Talent  Program ".

Sincerely welcome domestic and overseas experts, scholars to join us.

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I. Responsibilities and requirement


Applicants should introduce the international advanced academic thoughts and technique, propose the important innovative working thought, actively explore new areas of research, undertake and perform national scientific and technical duties, get scientific research achievements approved by the peers at home and abroad, and construct the scientific and technological team that have stronger innovational capacity.


a) Applicants owning the doctor’s degree have studied or worked abroad for more than 3 years in famous universities or research institutions. Unless applicants are especially outstanding, we will less consider the years of working and studying in the overseas. Applicants must have done many outstanding innovation researches and have gained many excellent research results, at the same time, have the potential of excellent scientific and technological innovation and the ability of good team cooperation. Applicants have obtained PHD no more than 5 years.

b) Applicants should observe academic ethics,have decent, honest and trustworthy qualities, and have rigorous academic attitude.

II. Treatments

A. CAS and SINANO will provide the treatments as follows

a) SINANO will provide scientific research startup funds of 1 million RMB and CAS will provide Talent special funds of 0.8 million RMB. After two years, if applicants obtain the preferential support by CAS, SINANO will provide additional scientific research startup funds of 1 million RMB and CAS will give Talent special funds of 2 million RMB.

b) Housing allowance and settling-in allowance: If the candidates pass the interview and as a formal employee at SINANO in 2 years, 0.1 million RMB per year will be offered for purchasing house; after the preferential support, 0.1 million RMB per year will continuously be granted for purchasing house; The sum of Housing allowance and settling-in allowance is 0.6 million RMB.

c) Renting allowance of 2200 RMB per month for one year is provided by the government of Suzhou Industrial Park.

d) The payment for CAS Pioneer Hundred Talent Program (Type C)  consists of fixed salary of 0.3 million RMB per year and other performance awards according to scientific research performance regulation in SINANO.

B.The government of Jiangsu province, Suzhou city and Suzhou industrial park have set up a variety of talents program, provides all kinds of talent funds. SINANO will actively recommend the one finally selected to declare these talent plans.

C.SINANO provides scientific research and office place more than 100 square meters, and applicants can recruit staffs, postgraduates and graduate students.

D.Applicants can participate in the social security for pension, medical, housing, a serious illness and injury without the restriction of nationality. At meanwhile, more than 3000 RMB in social insurance account can be used for house purchase loans every month. And whose children can enjoy preferential treatment for education.

E.The final evaluation of CAS Pioneer Hundred Talent Program (Type C) is estimated according to the administrative provisions of CAS and SINANO.

III.The required application materials include

a) Resume.

b) The directory of published papers, cited times of papers and 3-5 representative papers.

c) Relevant certificates,such as,important scientific research achievements (including patents), international or domestic working experience, highest degree and graduation certificate, certificate of awards, etc.

d) Reference letters written by 3 foreign professors in the same research field.

e) Ideas, plans and requirements for carrying out the scientific research work.

f) Personal contact details.

IV.Contact information

If you are interested in the applications, please contact the Human Resources Office directly by email to  

Ms.WU    Email: , 

Ms.DOU Email: 


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