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Prof. T.P. Ma invited to visit SINANO
Update time: 2010-11-04
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   Professor T.P. Ma, who is a foreign member of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS),a member of USA National Academy of Engineering (NAE), Raymond John Wean Professor of Yale University, Chairman of BAMC, was invited to visit SINANO on November 1st, accompanied by Dr. Dennis Xu, President of BAMC China, Dr. Chongli Huang, Vice-President of BAMC, Dr. Zhijiong Luo, Professor for Institute of Microelectronics, CAS and Mr. Sam Sheng, President of Viaon Tech.

   Director Hui Yang, Deputy-Directors Peihua Liu and Liwei Chen gave them a warm welcome. Professor T.P. Ma was greatly impressed by the rapid progress and significant achievements of the institution in the passed 3 years after a SINANO exhibition hall tour.

   A workshop on an international collaboration project (Joint Development of Phase-Change Memory) was well organized. Director Yang, Professors Guosheng Cheng, Jinping Zhang, Baoshun Zhang, Hongyue Liu, and associate professors Xionghui Zeng & Min Lu attended the session. Firstly, Director Yang delivered a welcome speech. Dr. Xu and Dr. Huang presented the research progress and operation of BAMC. Prof. Cheng overviewed grant defense in late July in Beijing and ongoing budgeting status of the project. Prof. Hongyue Liu, Jinping Zhang and Baoshun Zhang gave 3 brief talks on the information storage center, public service platforms for nano-characterization and nano-fabrication, respectively.Finally, they made a profoundly conclusive discussion on the project milestone, time-table, tough technique & market challenges we are facing.

SINANO exhibition hall tour presented by Deputy-Director Liu

A well-organized workshop on an international collaboration project

Director Yang delivered a welcome speech

A conclusive discussion on the Project milestone & timetable

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