As a national institute, Suzhou Institute of Nano-Technology and Nano-Bionics (SINANO), CAS is strongly committed to both domestic and international collaboration. The collaboration modes include joint research platform, international conference, exchange visits, research cooperation etc.

SINANO has successfully built 3 Sino-foreign joint research platforms as follows : SINANO-SONY Joint Laboratory ,SINANO-Aixtron Joint Laboratory and Sino-Deutsch Nanodevice Center .SINANO has reached over 40 agreements with a number of institutes, universities and enterprises around the world, including US, Russia, Canada, Japan, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong and many other regions or countries. SINANO has also undertaken 58 International Cooperation Programs, and the research funds are 51.16 million YUAN.

SINANO introduces 15 excellent researchers from Hong Kong , Taiwan and abroad, 2 Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences International Partnership project teams, 1 recipient of CAS International Cooperation Award for Young Scientists, 7 recipients of CAS Visiting Professorships for Senior International Scientists, 2 recipients of CAS Einstein Professorship fellows, 1 recipient of CAS Fellowship for Young Visiting Scholars from Taiwan, 3 recipients of Visiting Fellowship for Researchers from Developing Countries, 2 recipients of NSFC Joint Research Fund for Overseas Chinese Scholars and Scholars in Hong Kong and Macao Young Scholars, 1 recipient of Jiangsu International Cooperation Award, and 2 recipients of Suzhou Science and Technology Cooperation Award.

SINANO successfully organized the " 5th Sino-US Nano Forum ", " 2012 Global Organic Photovoltaic Conference (GOPV 2012) ", " A series of Sino-German academic seminar ", "China-Austrian Roundtable Meeting" , and "16th Conference on Defects-Recognition, Imaging and Physics in Semiconductors (DRIP-XVI 2015) " etc. Especially the annual "CHINANO Conference & Expo" was jointly organized by Suzhou industry Park and SINANO. The big event attracts representatives all around the world, which greatly improved the international influence of SINANO.

International cooperation has made significant contributions to the improvement of science and technology standards, training of talents, upgrading of experimental conditions, acquisition of foreign investment, and exchange of information at SINANO. The collaborative partners have also benefited significantly to access our excellent R&D expertise and facilities as well as the Chinese market, which make the collaboration of a genuine “win-win” event.

SINANO is making great effort to promote the international cooperation, and it will continue to explore new research areas and work with other academic institutes around the world to create a better future for mankind.