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Research Progressmore
Researchers propose enhancement-mode n-GaN gate p-channel heterostructure field effect transistors based on GaN/AlGaN 2D hole gas
CT/Bioluminescence Dual-Modal Imaging Tracking of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Pulmonary Fibrosis
An Advanced Lithium Anode for High-Performance Lithium-Oxygen Batteries
Scientists Develop III-nitride Superluminescent Diodes on Silicon for Displays and Communication
NIR-II Fluorescence-Guided Precise Cytoreductive Surgery
SINANO Scientists Fabricated a Myocardial-Infarction-Responsive Smart Hydrogels Targeting Matrix Metalloproteinase for On-Deman...
Moisture-Powered, Multifunctional Flexible Sensing Systems
Researchers Developed Novel Crosslinkable Hole Transport Material for Efficient Inkjet-Printed Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes
Printed Metal-Mesh Transparent Conductive Film Achieved the Highest Conductivity and Figure of Merit
News & Eventsmore
Flex China 2019 was successfully held in Suzhou[11-04]
Professor Laurence Marks from Northwestern University of USA Visits SINANO[08-02]
Professor Hans-Joachim Freund from Fritz-Haber Institute in Germany visited SINANO[05-20]
Chinese Scientists Discover Infrared Stealth Material[04-08]
Dr. Atsushi Nishikawa from ALLOS Semiconductors GmbH Visited SINANO[04-04]
Prof. Ronald Osterbacka from Abo Akademi University Visited SINANO[04-02]
Sino-French Seminar on "Vacuum Interconnected Technology and Researches" was Successfully Held in SuZhou[11-13]
Professor Harri Kopola of VTT Visited the Printable Electronics Research Center[05-16]
Prof. Oleg Gang from Columbia University Visited SINANO[04-27]
SEMI-FlexTech Setup Flexible Electronics Committee in China and PERC’s Director was Elected as the Chairman[12-01]
The 7th Chinese National Symposium on Flexible and Printed Electronics was Successfully held in Suzhou[11-07]
Upcoming Eventsmore
2D Nanomaterials: atomic-/nanoscale- controlled fundamental properties and real-life applications[01-13]
9GaN-based Tunnel Junction and Applications to Optical Devices[01-07]
CVD: Advances, Technologies and Applications[01-07]
Positions Availablemore
Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics (SINANO) Hiring:Deputy Director, Vacuum Interconnected System for Nanotechnology (Nano-X)[05-23]
Recruitment of CAS Pioneer Hundred Talent Program(Type C) at SINANO[06-07]
Recruitment of Thousand Talent Program for Young Outstanding Scientists at SINANO[06-06]
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