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Research Progressmore
Moisture-Powered, Multifunctional Flexible Sensing Systems
Researchers Developed Novel Crosslinkable Hole Transport Material for Efficient Inkjet-Printed Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes
Printed Metal-Mesh Transparent Conductive Film Achieved the Highest Conductivity and Figure of Merit
Researchers Mark Microparticles with Graphic Codes to Build Multiplex Immunoassays
The Reviews on Flexible and Stretchable Biomimetic Sensors from the Views of Materials, Structures and Functions
Voltage-Controlled Spintronic Stochastic Neuron Based on a Magnetic Tunnel Junction
A Flexible Way to Hide the Heat
What will Happen When Electrochromism Meets SERS?
Chinese Researchers Achieved High Performance Organic Solar Cells Through Doctor-Blade Coating
News & Eventsmore
Professor Laurence Marks from Northwestern University of USA Visits SINANO[08-02]
Professor Hans-Joachim Freund from Fritz-Haber Institute in Germany visited SINANO[05-20]
Chinese Scientists Discover Infrared Stealth Material[04-08]
Dr. Atsushi Nishikawa from ALLOS Semiconductors GmbH Visited SINANO[04-04]
Prof. Ronald Osterbacka from Abo Akademi University Visited SINANO[04-02]
Sino-French Seminar on "Vacuum Interconnected Technology and Researches" was Successfully Held in SuZhou[11-13]
Professor Harri Kopola of VTT Visited the Printable Electronics Research Center[05-16]
Prof. Oleg Gang from Columbia University Visited SINANO[04-27]
SEMI-FlexTech Setup Flexible Electronics Committee in China and PERC’s Director was Elected as the Chairman[12-01]
The 7th Chinese National Symposium on Flexible and Printed Electronics was Successfully held in Suzhou[11-07]
Prof. QIU Cheng Wei from National University of Singapore Visited SINANO[08-03]
Upcoming Eventsmore
Hydrogel Adhesion: a Synergy of Mechanics, Chemistry, and Topology[06-25]
Synthesis and Studies of Carbohydrate Derived New Materials[06-17]
Optical Imaging of Nanoscale Chemical and Biological Processes[06-10]
Positions Availablemore
Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics (SINANO) Hiring:Deputy Director, Vacuum Interconnected System for Nanotechnology (Nano-X)[05-23]
Recruitment of CAS Pioneer Hundred Talent Program(Type C) at SINANO[06-07]
Recruitment of Thousand Talent Program for Young Outstanding Scientists at SINANO[06-06]
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