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Research Progressmore
Scientists Develop a Polyionized Hydrogel Coating/ Membrane for Viscous Oil/Water Separation
Trace H2O2-Assisted High-Capacity Tungsten Oxide Electrochromic Batteries with Ultrafast Charging in Seconds
New Research Progress in High Performance Gas Separation Membrane
Scientists Develop a General Method of Synthesizing Nanocomposites for T1-MRI Imaging and Photothermal Therapy
SINANO Led Research Team Develops Ultrahigh Sensitivity Nanoscale Microwave Detectors
New Research in Printed Thin-film Transistors and CMOS Circuits based on SWCNTs Purified by a nonlinear conjugated copolymer
Site-Specific Surface Functionalization of Gold Nanorods Using DNA Origami Clamps
Researchers Reveal High Performance AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMTs
Room-temperature Wafer Bonded Four-Junction Solar Cell Grown by All-Solid State Molecular Beam Epitaxy
News & Eventsmore
Prof. Ke Wang from Chiba University visited Nano-X[05-04]
Prof. Quanmin Guo from University of Birmingham visited SINANO[04-21]
Prof. Stéphane Mangin and Prof. Yuan Lu from the Institute Jean Lamour visited Nano-X[02-19]
Prof. Yin-Thai Chan from Singapore National University visited SINANO[01-08]
Prof. Lin Guo from Beihang University visited SINANO[01-08]
Prof. Qihua Xiong from Nanyang Technological University visit SINANO[12-17]
Prof. Jun Yuan from the University of York visited SINANO[12-09]
Prof. XIA Yaoyong from Fudan University visited SINANO[12-01]
Academician XIE Yi from University of Science and Technology of China visited sinano[12-01]
The 5th Chinese National Symposium on Flexible and Printed Electronics (FPE China) was successfully held in Suzhou[11-18]
Prof. Chris Palmstrom of University of California Santa Barbara visited SINANO[11-05]
Upcoming Eventsmore
Phase Change Nanoparticles for Biosensing, Barcoding, and Enhanced Cooling[05-23]
Noise-Induced Transitions in Bistable Systems[05-11]
Vacancy-type defects in GaN probed by positron annihilation spectroscopy[05-09]
Positions Availablemore
Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics (SINANO) Hiring:Deputy Director, Vacuum Interconnected System for Nanotechnology (Nano-X)[05-23]
Call for 2016 Doctoral & Master’s in Chinese & Visiting Students Programs for International Students[12-11]
Research Positions at Joint Laboratory on Nano Based Catalytic Materials and Technology[04-11]
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