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Research Progressmore
Semiconductor SERS Enhancement Enabled by Oxygen Extraction or Incorporation
Research Progress on Superhydrophobic Smart Coating for Flexible and Wearable Sensing Electronics
Research Progress on Smooth Metal-Mesh Transparent Conductive Electrodes
Step-Flow Growth of Green-Emitting Idium Gallium Nitride Quantum Wells
Nanobubbles Contribute to Gas-generating Catalysis study on a Single Nanoparticle
SINANO Achieved Progress on the Research of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
SINANO Scientists Make Progresses in Tuning and Measuring Energy Band Alignment in Thin Film Solar Cells
Electron Irradiation Study of Room-Temperature Wafer-Bonded Four-Junction Solar Cell Grown by MBE
Scientists Make Progress in Field-induced n-doping of Black Phosphorus
News & Eventsmore
SEMI-FlexTech Setup Flexible Electronics Committee in China and PERC’s Director was Elected as the Chairman[12-01]
The 7th Chinese National Symposium on Flexible and Printed Electronics was Successfully held in Suzhou[11-07]
Prof. QIU Cheng Wei from National University of Singapore Visited SINANO[08-03]
Prof.David Cumming from the University of Glasgow visited SINANO and was employed as the distinguished fellow of CAS President’s International Fel...[07-14]
China Building World's Largest Multifunctional Nano Research Facility[03-28]
Near Ambient Pressure XPS/STM Combined System was Established in Nano-X[02-28]
Prof. LU Yuan from Jean Lamour Insititue Visited SINANO[12-27]
Prof. Kwok-yin Wong from Hong Kong Polytechnic University visited SINANO[12-21]
Prof. Hua-Zhong Yu from Simon Fraser University Visited SINANO[12-21]
Prof. Vicki Chen from University of New South Wales visited SINANO[09-08]
Prof. Joshua M. O. Zide from University of Delaware visited SINANO[07-25]
Upcoming Eventsmore
Privacy-preserving resource allocation & Machine learning for decision-support systems[01-18]
Failure Behavior of Electrode Materials[01-16]
Biomedical Application of Multifunctional Organosilica Nanoparticles[12-06]
Positions Availablemore
Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics (SINANO) Hiring:Deputy Director, Vacuum Interconnected System for Nanotechnology (Nano-X)[05-23]
Recruitment of CAS Pioneer Hundred Talent Program(Type C) at SINANO[06-07]
Recruitment of Thousand Talent Program for Young Outstanding Scientists at SINANO[06-06]
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