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Research Progressmore
Reserchers Reveal Direct Intertube Crosslinking of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) at Room Temperature
SINANO Scientists Achieved the 1st InGaN-based Laser Directly Grown on Si
Picoscale Precision though Ultrathin Film Piezoelectricity
New Progress in Photodegradation of Dispersant on Carbon Nanotubes
“Hot Spots” Growth on Single Nanowire Controlled by Electric Charge
Researches in Biocompatible Gd-based Polymeric Magnetic Resonance Imaging Agents for Tumor-Targeted Imaging
Advances in Specific Capture and Non-destructive isolation of CTCs based on Nano-structured Substrates as well as Aptamers
SINANO Developed a Simple Electrolyte for Magnesium/Sulfur Batteries
SINANO Researchers Make Advances in Cancer-targeted Nanotheranostics
News & Eventsmore
Prof. Vicki Chen from University of New South Wales visited SINANO[09-08]
Prof. Joshua M. O. Zide from University of Delaware visited SINANO[07-25]
PERC researchers published Printed Electronics: Materials, Technologies and Applications[06-15]
China-EU Neuroscaffolds Project Final Meeting & 2016 Suzhou Symposium on Material-Cell Interfaces was held in Suzhou[06-14]
Prof. Ke Wang from Chiba University visited Nano-X[05-04]
Prof. Quanmin Guo from University of Birmingham visited SINANO[04-21]
Prof. Stéphane Mangin and Prof. Yuan Lu from the Institute Jean Lamour visited Nano-X[02-19]
Prof. Yin-Thai Chan from Singapore National University visited SINANO[01-08]
Prof. Lin Guo from Beihang University visited SINANO[01-08]
Prof. Qihua Xiong from Nanyang Technological University visit SINANO[12-17]
Prof. Jun Yuan from the University of York visited SINANO[12-09]
Upcoming Eventsmore
Molecular Imaging Diseases with Colored and Dark Materials for Theranostic of Diseases[11-28]
Imaging Ultrafast Dynamics on the Nanoscale with Terahertz Scanning Tunneling Microscopy[11-28]
Rational Materials Design for Ultrafast Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries[11-08]
Positions Availablemore
Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics (SINANO) Hiring:Deputy Director, Vacuum Interconnected System for Nanotechnology (Nano-X)[05-23]
Recruitment of CAS Pioneer Hundred Talent Program(Type C) at SINANO[06-07]
Recruitment of Thousand Talent Program for Young Outstanding Scientists at SINANO[06-06]
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