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Yongxiang Lu, Vice Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee and President of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Visited SINANO
Author: Sinano
Update time: 2009-06-23
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Yongxiang Lu, Vice Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee and President of Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited SINANO on June 17, 2009. He was accompanied by the Under-Secretary-General of National People's Congress of Jiangsu Province Weiming Shao; Director of Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Provincial t Kejiang Zhu; Standing Committee Member of CPC Suzhou Committee and vice mayor Weiqiang Zhou and Director of Suzhou Industrial Park Zhiping Yang. It has been one year since President Lu last visited SINANO.

Yongxiang Lu was shown the SINANO exhibition hall first by SINANO leaders Hui Yang, Peihua Liu, Lihua Lu and Qingwen Xu. Professional talent is the foundation on which SINANO’s vision and strategy is built. During the three-year initial construction period, SINANO adopted a policy of construction, research and hiring at the same time. We also harnessed various programs, both national and provincial, that are designed to attract high-level, innovative talent. President Lu stood at the Talent Exhibition and watched carefully. He was positive about the success of talent-attracting program of SINANO. He also pointed out the recruitment process is a systematic project, and includes attracting not only leading scientists, but also all levels of talents. He thinks it is important to build an integrated system of talent. Attention should be paid to each individual and talent should be attracted by the quality professional environment and opportunities we provide.

In the Functional Nano-carbon Materials Lab, President Lu had a pleasant talk with researchers and heard the report on ultra-light and ultra-strength carbon nanotube fibres. He asked about details of the research and encouraged them to bolster basic research and cutting-edge research. He asked them to explore the mass production of technology and find a path to industrialization. President Lu visited the GaN crystalline production line at NanoWin Co. Ltd. and the LED backline module group at NaKe Co. Ltd which are supported by SINANO. He also visited the MOCVD lab and nanofabrication facilities.

President Lu heard the briefing of basic conditions of SINANO by Director Hui Yang at the lecture hall. Lu held a talk with researchers in which oversea returnees talked about their experiences in SINANO.

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