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CAS Academician Shoujue Wang’s high-dimensional bionic informatics team moved to Suzhou
Author: Sinano
Update time: 2009-06-16
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Chinese Academy of Sciences Academicians Shenggang Liu, Shou-Jue WANG, Guoliang Chen, and Pei-Heng Wu, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering Academicians Tongbao Li and Juyan Xu gathered at the Suzhou Industrial Park and attended the nano-optoelectronic devices symposium of Chinese Academy of Sciences held at SINANO. As a founder and pioneering scientist of high-dimensional bionic informatics in China, Wang expressed the wish to take the opportunity of moving his lab to Suzhou and continue his study of the theory. SINANO Director Hui Yang attended the symposium and presided the Project Initiation Ceremony.

The symposium started with the unveiling ceremony of SINANO High-Dimensional Bionic Informatics Lab. The lab is directed by Academician Shoujue Wang, semiconductor and information science expert, and one of the founders of semiconductor devices and microelectronics in China. Wang has obtained more than 20 patents and published more than 200 important papers in the field of high-dimensional bionic informatics. He enjoys a very high reputation in both industry and science society.

The director of SIP Science & Technology Development Bureau Dongchi Zhang said the CAS academicians are the most influential leading scientific talents in China. The academician’s decision to stay in Suzhou will greatly enhance recruitment of high-tech talent to Suzhou Industrial park (SIP). Academician Shoujue Wang’s team’s move to Suzhou will boost the development of informatics industry in Suzhou.

After the opening ceremony, Academicians Shenggang Liu, Shou-Jue WANG, Guoliang Chen, Pei-Heng Wu, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering Academicians Tongbao Li and Juyan Xu gave six lectures on different topics respectively.

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