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Nano-Bio-Chem Centre
Update time: 2016-06-23
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Founded in 2013 by SINANO, Nano-Bio-Chem Centre (NBCC) is a one-stop R&D service platform for biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and translational medicine. Being located in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), one of most famous and productive biotech cluster in China, NBCC's vision is to become an active and influential hub to fully support biotech innovation and entrepreneurship. To achieve this goal, NBCC has established large-scale infrastructures with advanced hardware assets, and build professional tech-service teams. All of these resources are tailored for industrial R&D purposes and well within local clients' reach. At present, NBCC is capable of hosting more than 50 biotech start-ups and SMEs, providing more than 100 sophisticated instruments for cutting-edge research applications, and undertaking highly-customized outsourcing projects. Currently, NBCC is supporting biotech innovators from various areas, such as biopharmaceuticals, in-vitro diagnostics, immunotherapy, cell / microbial engineering, drug-delivery, and tissue engineering, etc.


As an open scientific research platform and biotech incubator co-founded by SINANO and Suzhou Industrial Park, Nano-Bio-Chem Centre is committed to ensure that all resident clients enjoy well-curated, world-class life science and chemistry facilities. A lot more than that, we also provide a variety of high-quality technical service solutions for customized demands. NBCC will continue to put great efforts to provide favorable technical and business environment for our clients to make research progress or drive product development, and ultimately obtain market success.

The near-future focus of NBCC services is monoclonal antibody (mAb) development and testing, since Jiangsu province possesses the 2nd-largest mAb manufacturing industry in China. To accommodate the rising demands for third-party testing services, NBCC has established a core module called ATSP (antibody testing service platform), which covers most of the required analytical capabilities for biologics, including (but not limited to) physicochemical characterizations, bioassays, cell-based assays, pharamocodynamics (PD), pharmacokinetics (PK), toxicology, and animal tests.

Currently, NBCC provides following services:

1. Lab lease: fully equipped biological and chemical laboratory (with attached office area) for academic and business clients to start operation immediately.

2. Instruments: advanced and reliable presicion instruments for biological and physicochemical analysis and processing. Selected, operated and maintained by experts.

3. Antibody testing: characterization, analysis and assay development of biologics, especially monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars, antibody-conjugated drugs (ADC).

4. Contract research: biotech lab experiments or R&D projects outsourcing.

Click here for detailed list of equipment & facility.

Contact information

NBCC Director, Prof. Jiong Li: +86-512-6287-2598

Business / Projects: +86-512-62872643

Equipement / Technology: +86-512-6287-2644



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