Address from the Director

    Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics (SINANO), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was founded in 2006. It is positioned in the applied basic research and industrialization of nanotechnology to advance the frontiers of science & technology in the world, to address the national strategic needs and to help the state economic development. As a national research institute, it has carried out basic, strategic and foraward-looking researches in nanoscience and nanotechnology and played a leading role nationally and internationally. meanwhileas an institute co-built by CAS and local area,  it also embraces the original intention of promoting regional scientific and technological innovation and the historical mission of serving the development of economy and society.

    Over the past 14 years, SINANO has adhered to the establishment concept of “Devoting to nanotechnology innovation and leading the way for emerging industry”, Under the correct leadership of Party Committee of CAS and strong support from various levels of local governments, SINANO fully complies with the strength of  co-building by CAS and local area, surround by national strategic layout and regional industrial development needs, target the development of nanotechnology and international frontiers, executes the category reform of CAS-affiliated research institutes, and actively implements “One-Three-Five” Strategic Plan, One of the mojor tasks is the construction of “Vacuum Interconnected Nanotech Workstation (NANO-X)”. Significant progress has been made in planning of thematic research, servicing and construction of platform, introduction and cultivation of talents, technical research and development, transferring and transformation of achievement A development pattern has been formed with concentrated disciplinary advantages, perfect support system, and collaborative innovation.

   The world is experiencing unprecedented changes in a century, and China is at a critical stage of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Science and technology are advancing rapidly, and the international situation is complex and ever-changing. In the new era, new tasks, and new opportunities, SINANO needs to further develop and achieve new breakthroughs in the new round of national innovation system development. We still need to Keep believing and reform with keen determination, stand aloft and have a long-term perspective, strengthen top-level design, further refine research directions, integrate advantageous forces, focus on enhancing original innovation capabilities, leverage interdisciplinary advantages, Driven by major national needs, achieve breakthroughs in core technologies in key fields and enhance the ability to solve major problems; Face the needs of regional industries, transform the development model of scientific research, building a disciplinary layout with industrial support capabilities, achieve scientific research innovation guided by industrial demand, strengthen the transfer and transformation of technological achievements, and promote regional economic and industrial development; To accumulate energy for innovation, advocate an open, collaborative, and inclusive academic atmosphere, establish a talent team with international level and reasonable echelons, and provide guarantees for the sustainable development of the research institute.

    In the process of development, "openness, integration, and innovation" has become a consensus among all the people of SINANO. We attach great importance to the construction and cultivation of an innovation culture, enhance the cohesion of the research institute, and continuously improve the level of management services to support technological innovation and entrepreneurship with efficient management. We sincerely welcome outstanding talents at home and abroad to join usclosely integrate our scientific research ideals with the development of the Institute. together implement the concept of innovative development, promote nanotechnology technology innovation, and open a new chapter in the construction of the Institute to build our institute into a nanotechnology innovation center with distinctive characteristics and international influence in the field of nanotechnology and a source of industrial cultivation!