Brief Introduction



   The Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics (SINANO) was jointly founded in March 2006 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the government of Jiangsu Province, the government of Suzhou City and the Suzhou Industrial Park. SINANO is located in the beautiful Suzhou Industrial Park, Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District.

   SINANO has thoroughly implemented the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping's discourse on scientific and technological innovation. Based on national strategic scientific and technological strength and mission responsibility, and committed to nanotechnology innovation and leading the development of emerging industries, positioning the basic research and industrialization of nano technology, facing the world's technology forefront, facing major national needs, facing the main battlefield of the national economy, facing the health of the people, SINANO carries out the basic, strategic and forward -looking innovation work in related fields, give full play to the backbone and leading role of the national research institutions and promote the region Scientific and technological innovation and economic and social development.

   SINANO proactively has deployed key research areas such as electronic information, biomedical and functional materials to integrate advantageous forces and condense the direction of the subjects. SINANO actively undertakes major national scientific and technological tasks, carries out leading-edge scientific research and core technologies in related fields, establishes a scientific and technological innovation team composed of national key talents such as academicians and national distinguished young scholars, produces a group of original scientific and technological achievements, independently researches and develops a series of equipment, forms a scientific research system with its own characteristics, and strives to become a national strategic scientific and technological force in the field of nano technology.

    Science and technology infrastructure is the cornerstone of nanotechnology innovation. Closely focus on key areas, SINANO has built four public technology platforms which integrate scientific research and public services, such as nano vacuum interconnection experimental station, nano processing platform, testing and analysis platform, and biochemical platform to strengthen its ability to support major national scientific research tasks, serve scientific research and product development, form common technologies, and focus on original equipment research and development, Promote regional industrial agglomeration and development, strengthen the transformation of technological innovation resources and provide strong support for the development of nanotechnology and related industries. SINANO has been selected as a national "innovation and entrepreneurship" demonstration base and ranked first in the 2021 national "innovation and entrepreneurship" demonstration base research institute evaluation.

    During the construction and development of SINANO, we focus on serving the national strategic needs and local economic and social development throughout, deeply understand and resolutely implement the "four leaders" and "two acceleration and one effort” that General Secretary Xi Jinping requires for Chinese Academy of Sciences with a high sense of responsibility and urgency, strengthen basic research and key core technologies, adhere to open innovation, actively explore the courage to innovate, promote the high -quality development of nano -quality institutes in the new period, and make its own contribution to high -level technology independence and self -reliance.