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Vacuum Interconnected Nanotech Workstation
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The Vacuum Interconnected Nano-X Research Facility is the largest multifunctional research platform in the world for nano-science and nano-technology , which integrates the state-of-art capabilities of material growth, device fabrication,and characterization/tests together under one ultra-high vacuum environment. Nano-X has received an initial fund of 320 million RMB, and will budget a total investment of 1.5 billion RMB in the future. Nano-X is expected to be incorporated into the national research infrastructure system, and becomes a world-class open platform for research and development in nano-science and nano-technology, to provide advanced technical supports for the national strategy of high technologies.

Vacuum Interconnected Nano-X Research Facility (NANO-X), integrating all processes of material growth, characterization, and device fabrication in one ultra-high vacuum environment, is capable to explore the intrinsic properties of the materials and devices, develop novel technologies for device fabrication. Therefore, to simplify and shorten the development process from fundamental researches to industrial applications. Also, NANO-X is going to essentially change the traditional research methods in classical physics, solve the critical technical problems in the emerging industries, and therefore to promote the new industrial chain and upgrade the technology infrastructure in Jiangsu Province, also to build the “Suzhou upland” in nano-tech industry. Based on this revolutionary technology of vacuum interconnection, followed the national strategy of “Made in China 2025”, NANO-X is going to improve the capability of system design and integration, breakthrough the technologic limitations in industrialization, enhance the abilities of innovation and competition, attract the talents in nanotechnology around the world.


Nano-X is designed as a whole system with about one hundred pieces of equipment, for materials growth, device fabrication and test, interconnected by hundreds meters of ultrahigh vacuum pipelines (base vacuum better than 5X10-8 Pa). All wafers/samples can be transferred accurately, quickly and smoothly among all tools in ultra-high vacuum environment. Nano-X is able to maximally prevent surface contaminations from the ambient. Therefore, to keep the material intrinsic properties unchange and to realize atomic manipulation and control in quantum devices.

Pilot Project

Academic Leaders

Prof. Yang Hui’s Team, SINANO, CAS

III-V semiconductor new materials and nano-devices; Researches on intrinsic properties of material and mechanism of device processing;To explore the future technology for large-scale nano- device manufacturing.

Prof. Bao Xinhe’s Team, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,CAS

Surface catalysis and nano-energy technology:comprehensively study on the reactive kinetics at the gas/solid interfaces, to develop new energy resources by using Nano-X.

Prof. XueQikun’s Team, Tsinghua University

Researches on low-dimensional high-temperature superconducting materials to develop of superconductor devices by combining with the semiconductor processes in Nano-X.

 Prof. Chen Liwei ‘s Team, SINANO, CAS

Energy-storage materials and devices: Researches on the fundamental properties of Li-battery electrodes, and to develop high- efficient power batteries on the Nano-X platform.

The main equipments of NANO-X are as follows:

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