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Organizational Structure
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The institute establishes an organization with well-defined duty for each branch, sound management regulation, good information flow, and scientific evaluation systems, aimed at creating an environment that stimulates personal growth. The basic structure of the institute is to increase the overall R&D capability of the institute to tackle mission-critical projects, to stimulate the cross discipline collaborations, and to improve equipment utilization. Below is the detail:


  1. Each R&D division conducts R&D, and is in charge of the sustained growth of the branch, including forefront research, technology and personal development. On each planned R&D activity, the division organizes fund raising, allocates funding, equipment and human resources, and coordinates with other branches, etc.
  1. The cross-discipline branch organizes and manages the cross-discipline project. It is built up according to the requirement of the task and the interest as well as the ranges of research of the individuals involved. When one project ends, the individuals will enter the next stage (such as carrying out talented person + technique to transform the task scientifically and technologically) or return to the original unit.
  1. The nano fabrication platform and the nano-characterization platform provide practical means for conducting projects and are open to public as public resources.
  1. The engineering research platform provides the hardware environment, the reliability design, the consistent quality and the conditions of environment adaptability experiments to engineer the projects' result.
  1. The information center conducts the development strategy research and the market demand research, including 1/3 of those are seeking, sorting and promoting for the enterprises’ project. The group is made up of the full-time person, the flow person from each branch and the people from the cooperative enterprises.

In order to carry out above-mentioned structure effectively, to organize and harmonize all aspects and to provide the security system, the graduate school constitute, under the basic principle, an administrative system which include the expenditure management system, the human resource management system , the checking and evaluating system and the salary systems.

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