BIAN Lifeng 边历峰 Professor Semiconductor physics; Optical-electronic devices and material; Optical Characterizaiton lfbian2006@sinano.ac.cn
CAI Yong 蔡勇 Professor Semiconductor electron devices; Nano-fabrication process; ycai2008@sinano.ac.cn
CHEN Guangcun 陈光村 Professor Biomaterials for neuroimaging, stem cell tracking, gene therapy and neural regeneration gcchen2011@sinano.ac.cn
CHEN Liwei 陈立桅 Professor scanning probe microscopy;solar energy conversion; lithium ion battery; lwchen2008@sinano.ac.cn
CHEN Minghai 陈名海 Associate Professor Electrochemistry; Electrospinning; Nanomaterials synthesis; Metallurgy mhchen2008@sinano.ac.cn
CHEN Wei 陈韦 Professor Carbon nanotube/graphene chemistry;Artificial photosynthesis;Bio-inspired sensor & actuator wchen2006@sinano.ac.cn
CHEN Yanyan 陈艳艳 Associate Professor Optical biosensor; In-vitro biomedical detection; Active nanomaterial; yychen2006@sinano.ac.cn
CHENG Guosheng 程国胜 Professor Nanowire-based biosensors, Nanoelectronics, gscheng2006@sinano.ac.cn
CHENG Lixin 程利新 Associate Professor Computer Architecture and Algorithm Research; Electronic Design Automation; FPGA Design and Optimization; lxcheng2011@sinano.ac.cn
CUI Zheng 崔铮 Professor Micro and nanofabrication technologies, nanomanufacturing, microelectronics and printed electronics zcui2009@sinano.ac.cn
DENG Zongwu 邓宗武 Professor Physical chemistry; Analytical chemistry; Nuclear magnetic resonance microimaging zwdeng2007@sinano.ac.cn
DI Hailong Senior Engineer, Director of Equipment Recovery Repair and maintenance of SEMI equipment hldi2016@sinano.ac.cn
DI Jiangtao 邸江涛 jtdi2009@sinano.ac.cn
DING Sunan 丁孙安 adingsun2014@sinano.ac.cn
DONG Jianrong 董建荣 Professor Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE); Characterization of III-V semiconductor materials; Semiconductor lasers and multijunction solar cells; jrdong2007@sinano.ac.cn
DONG Jun 董军 Professor Computer-aided medical diagnosis;Thinking simulation jdong2010@sinano.ac.cn
FEI Hao 费浩 Professor Peptide nanobiochemistry; Cell biology and microscopic imaging; Molecular bioconjugation; hfei2008@sinano.ac.cn
FENG Xinjian 封心建 Professor Charge transport though one dimensional nanomaterials; Solar energy conversion; biosensor; xjfeng2011@sinano.ac.cn
GAO Xuefeng 高雪峰 Professor Bionic nanomaterials and nanodevices; Bionic high-efficiency energy-saving materials; Bionic sensors and SERS-based sensing xfgao2007@sinano.ac.cn
HUANG Jie 黄洁 Associate Researcher nanomaterials for stem cell imaging tracking; 3D bioprinted hydrogel scaffolds for regenerative medicine jhuang2008@sinano.ac.cn
HUANG Wei 黄伟 Associate Professor Optic design; image processing; Numerical simulation about electromagnetic scattering whuang2008@sinano.ac.cn
HUANG Yong 黄勇 yhuang2014@sinano.ac.cn
JIANG Chunping 蒋春萍 Professor MBE and PLD growth of III-V semiconductors, transition metal compounds and dielectric layer materials; Metamaterial & Metasurface device and power electronics design; On-chip Integrated Micro and Nano Systems cpjiang2008@sinano.ac.cn
JIANG Jiang 姜江 Professor Single molecule spectroscopy; Non-linear optical microscopy; Nanoparticle synthesis; jjiang2010@sinano.ac.cn
JIN Hehua 金赫华 Senior Engineer Carbon nanotube physical chemistry; Biological engineering hhjin2008@sinano.ac.cn
JIN Jian 靳健 Professor Interfacial self-assembly; composite nanomaterials; Colloid & interface; jjin2009@sinano.ac.cn
KONG Tao 孔涛 Associate Professor Biosensor; Nanodevice fabrication; tkong2009@sinano.ac.cn
LI Deyao 李德尧 Professor Physics of laser diodes; Wide energy band-gap semiconductor material and device; dyli2012@sinano.ac.cn
LI Feng 李丰 Professor Thin Films, PECVD, and Plasma Etching Technologies; LED Backlight and LED Lighting; Nano-Optoelectronics and Nano-Manufacturing fli2008@sinano.ac.cn
LI Hongbo 李红波 Associate Professor Separation of single walled carbon nanotubes; Functional conjugated macromolecule; Supramolecular self-assembly; hbli2008@sinano.ac.cn
LI Jiong 李炯 Professor Molecular Diagnostics; Microarray technology; Biosensor; jli2006@sinano.ac.cn
LI Liqiang 李立强 lqli2014@sinano.ac.cn
LI Qingwen 李清文 Professor Controllable Synthesis of Low Dimensional Carbon Nanomaterials; Functional CNT Fibers; Separation of Single-walled CNTs & Functionlization; Synthesis & Application of CNT based Functional Composites qwli2007@sinano.ac.cn
LI Tong 李同 Professor Integrated optics; Flat Panel Display technology; Optical communications; Thin film based devices tli2008@sinano.ac.cn
LIN Hongzhen 蔺洪振 Professor Interface-selective nonlinear spectroscopy; Single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy; Super-resolution fluorescence imaging; hzlin2010@sinano.ac.cn
LIN Jiahua 林家骅 Professor Nanotoxicology, Environmental toxicology and engineering jhlin2012@sinano.ac.cn
LIU Jianping 刘建平 Professor MOCVD growth; GaN based LEDs, LDs and HEMTs jpliu2010@sinano.ac.cn
LIU Liwei 刘立伟 Professor Electron transport measurements of nanodevices; Graphene and devices; Lithium ion battery; lwliu2007@sinano.ac.cn
LIU Meinan 刘美男 Associate Professor Advanced inorganic functional materials’ synthesis and characterization mnliu2013@sinano.ac.cn
LIU Zhenghui 刘争晖 Professor Scanning probe microscopy; Surface physics zhliu2007@sinano.ac.cn
LU Shulong 陆书龙 Professor MOCVD and MBE growth of III-V semiconductor material; Ultrafast optical and transport properties of low-dimensional structure; Structure design and device physics of high-efficiency III-V solar cells sllu2008@sinano.ac.cn
LU Wei 卢威 Associate Professor Scanning probe microscopy; lithium ion battery. wlu2008@sinano.ac.cn
LYU Weibang 吕卫帮 wblv2013@sinano.ac.cn
MA Changqi 马昌期 Professor Organic Semiconductors; Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells; Precision Printing Manufacturing. Printed Electronics cqma2011@sinano.ac.cn
MA Hongwei 马宏伟 Professor surface initiated polymerization; protein microarray; biosesnor (quartz crystal microbalance, surface plasma resonance); hwma2008@sinano.ac.cn
PAN Gebo 潘革波 Professor E-Skin, Printed Electronics, SPM gbpan2008@sinano.ac.cn
PEI Renjun 裴仁军 Professor aptamer and SELEX; deoxyribozyme; biochip; targeted delivery; DNA computation rjpei2011@sinano.ac.cn
QIAN Bo 钱波 bqian2010@sinano.ac.cn
QIN Hua 秦华 Professor Terahertz devices and applications, High frequency and high sensitivity nanoelectronic devices hqin2007@sinano.ac.cn
QIU Bocang 仇伯仓 Professor Semiconductor Optoelectronics Devices; Guided and Fiber Optics bcqiu2011@sinano.ac.cn
QIU Yongxin 邱永鑫 Senior Engineer X-ray diffraction; Semiconductor materials yxqiu2008@sinano.ac.cn
REN Guoqiang 任国强 Associate Professor Growth and characterization of GaN crystals gqren2008@sinano.ac.cn
SHEN He 沈贺 Associate Professor Regenerative medicine; Stem cell hshen2009@sinano.ac.cn
SHEN Wenjiang 沈文江 wjshen2011@sinano.ac.cn
SHEN Ye 沈叶 yshen2010@sinano.ac.cn
SHENG Zhizhi 盛智芝 Associate Professor Materials Science, Porous Materials, Interfacial Chemistry zzsheng2020@sinano.ac.cn
SHI Lin 石林 Associate Professor ab-initio simulations of materials and nanostructures; phonon spectrum of III-nitride semiconductor; electron-phonon coupling; lshi2007@sinano.ac.cn
SHI Wenhua 时文华 Senior Engineer Optoelectronic devices; Nano-fabrication Technology whshi2007@sinano.ac.cn
SHI Xiaohua 史晓华 Associate Professor Micro-, Nano device fabrication; Nano imprinting; Ultra-precision optics fabrication; xhshi2012@sinano.ac.cn
SU Wenming 苏文明 professor Printable electronics; Thin film encapsulation; QLED/ ECD; metal mesh wmsu2008@sinano.ac.cn
SU Wenming 苏文明 professor Printable electronics; Thin film encapsulation; QLED/ ECD; metal mesh wmsu2008@sinano.ac.cn
SUN Qian 孙钱 Professor Heteroepitaxy of III-Nitride semiconductors on Si substrates, GaN-on-Si Optoelectronics, GaN-on-Si Power Electronics and RF Electronics qsun2011@sinano.ac.cn
SUO Guangli 索广力 glsuo2013@sinano.ac.cn
TAN Bo 谭波 btan2012@sinano.ac.cn
TAN Bo 谭波 Professor Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Stem Cell Tracing; btan2012@sinano.ac.cn
WANG Hong 王宏 wanghong2014@sinano.ac.cn
WANG Huaibing 王怀兵 Professor hbwang2006@sinano.ac.cn
WANG Hui 王辉 Professor GaN based laser diodes; Light emitting diodes; Solar cells hwang2010@sinano.ac.cn
WANG Jianfeng 王建峰 Associate Professor Semiconductor and device physics jfwang2006@sinano.ac.cn
WANG Jin 王锦 Professor Aerogel, hydrogel, thermal management, polymers, radiative cooling jwang2014@sinano.ac.cn
WANG Junyong Associate Professor Spectroscopy and optoelectronics of two-dimensional (2D) materials jywang2022@sinano.ac.cn
WANG Kai 王凯 Professor Nanomedicine; Organoid; Cell Reprogramming kwang2022@sinano.ac.cn
WANG Meng 王孟 Associate professor Design and synthesis of organic materials, fabrication of organic solar cells and field effect transistors mwang2021@sinano.ac.cn
WANG Qiangbin 王强斌 Professor Nanochemistry; Nano-Bio interface; Nanobiophotonics qbwang2008@sinano.ac.cn
WANG Rongxin 王荣新 Professor Semiconductor device and physics; Microfabrication and Nanofabrication process; MEMS rxwang2008@sinano.ac.cn
WANG Shuqi 王书琪 Associate professor Electrochemical sensors; Sweat sensors; Wearable sensors sqwang2016@sinano.ac.cn
WANG Xuguang 王旭光 Professor CMOS nano-electronics devices; Three-dimensional ICs for logic and memory devices; High performance solid state disk; Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System (MEMS) xgwang2009@sinano.ac.cn
WANG Zixun 王子迅 Associate Professor Functional biochip, Spatial multi-omics, Live cell manipulation. zixunwang2021@sinano.ac.cn
WU Dongmin 吴东岷 Professor Nano optics, plasmonics; Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) dmwu2008@sinano.ac.cn
WU Xiaodong 吴晓东 Professor Materials for lithium ion battery; lithium ion cell and system xdwu2011@sinano.ac.cn
WU Xinzhou Senior Engineer Electrochromic Devices and Electronic Pastes
WU Zhijun 伍志军 Senior Engineer zjwu2012@sinano.ac.cn
XIE Yonglin 谢永林 Professor Device physics, MEMS fabrication, Microfluidics, Inkjet technology, Printing equipment, 3D printing, Printing device characterization method and equipment ylxie2013@sinano.ac.cn
XU Gengzhao 徐耿钊 Associate Professor Scanning probe microscopy; Near-field Optics gzxu2010@sinano.ac.cn
XU Jingjing 许晶晶
XU Ke 徐科 Professor Semiconductor and device physics kxu2006@sinano.ac.cn
XU Shijie 徐士杰
XUE Weichang 薛卫昌 Associate Professor Thermal spray coating; Bioceramics and bone implant; wcxue2008@sinano.ac.cn
YANG Hui 杨辉 Professor MBE and MOCVD growth; GaN based LED and LD; III-V solar cells; hyang2006@sinano.ac.cn
YAO Yagang 姚亚刚 ygyao2013@sinano.ac.cn
YE Mingzhou 叶明舟 Professor Nanomedicine applied in cancer immunotherapy and inflammatory diseases; Organoids mzye2021@sinano.ac.cn
YU Guohao 于国浩 Professor Semiconductor electron devices; Nano-fabrication process
YU Wei 余维 Professor wyu2009@sinano.ac.cn
ZENG Xionghui 曾雄辉 Professor AlN single crystal growth, microstructure and opt-electronic properties characterization of nitride semiconductor, electron microscopy. xhzeng2007@sinano.ac.cn
ZENG Zhongming 曾中明 Professor Spintronics; Nanofabrication process; Microwave oscillators; zmzeng2012@sinano.ac.cn
ZHANG Baoshun 张宝顺 Professor bszhang2006@sinano.ac.cn
ZHANG Dongyu 张东煜 Senior Engineer Phosphorescence OLEDs, OTFT and OPV dyzhang2010@sinano.ac.cn
ZHANG Hailu 张海禄 Professor Pharmaceutical crystallography;Solid state NMR; MR micro-imaging; hlzhang2008@sinano.ac.cn
ZHANG Jinfeng 张金峰 Senior Engineer Embedded system development; Wireless sensoring network application; Signal processing jfzhang2010@sinano.ac.cn
ZHANG Jinping 张锦平 Professor Electron Microscopy & Analysis of Nano-Materials; Electron Diffraction, Crystallography and Lorentz Microscopy; High Resolution Electron Microscopy in TEM & STEM jpzhang2008@sinano.ac.cn
ZHANG Ruiying 张瑞英 Professor III-V material MOCVD growth; Surface engineering of solar cells and related component; Semiconductor optoelectronic devices and materials ryzhang2008@sinano.ac.cn
ZHANG Shuming 张书明 Professor GaN MOCVD growth; GaN devices processing smzhang2010@sinano.ac.cn
ZHANG Ting 张珽 Professor Nanoelectronics; Nanosensor; Nanofabrication tzhang2009@sinano.ac.cn
ZHANG Xiangcheng 张祥成
ZHANG Xiaohua 张骁骅 Associate Professor Carbon nanotube fibers and composites; Nano- and micro-mechanical properties; Molecular dynamics simulations xhzhang2009@sinano.ac.cn
ZHANG Yaohui 张耀辉 Professor yhzhang2006@sinano.ac.cn
ZHANG Yonghong 张永红 Professor yhzhang2007@sinano.ac.cn
ZHANG Yongyi 张永毅 Associate Professor Carbon nanotube; Nanoimprint lithography; SERS; yyzhang2011@sinano.ac.cn
ZHANG Yuegang 张跃钢 Professor
ZHANG Zehong 张泽洪 Professor Epitaxial growth of SiC and other semiconductor Materials; Semiconductor equipment and process; IC fabrication especially metallization zhzhang2010@sinano.ac.cn
ZHANG Zhijun 张智军 Professor Chemistry of nanomaterials; Nanobiomedicine; zjzhang2007@sinano.ac.cn
ZHANG Ziyang 张子旸 zyzhang2014@sinano.ac.cn
ZHAO Jianwen 赵建文 Associate Professor Carbon nanomaterials; Printable FETs; Electrochemistry jwzhao2011@sinano.ac.cn
ZHAO Yibing 赵一兵 Professor ybzhao2009@sinano.ac.cn
ZHAO Yukun 赵宇坤 Associate Professor Optoelectronic devices, GaN-based nanowires ykzhao2017@sinano.ac.cn
ZHAO Yuliang 赵宇亮 professor
ZHAO Zhigang 赵志刚 Professor Tungsten-based and alumina-based functional materials; Photoelectrochemistry; Environment monitoring materials; zgzhao2011@sinano.ac.cn
ZHONG Zhenggen 钟正根 Senior Engineer Optical Measurement; Precision Equipment Design; Optoelectric Engineering; zgzhong2008@sinano.ac.cn
ZHOU Xiaochun 周小春 Professor Single molecule catalysis; Electrochemistry; fuel cell; Hydrogen production xczhou2013@sinano.ac.cn
ZHU Xiongwei 朱雄伟 Professor xwzhu2009@sinano.ac.cn
ZHU Yimin 朱毅敏 Professor Study of molecular mechanism of tumor cells; Bioengineering for the peptide screening platform; Tracking and imaging techniques for biological molecules in vitro and in vivo ymzhu2008@sinano.ac.cn
田爱琴 aqtian2012@sinano.ac.cn
曹艳伟 ywcao2017@sinano.ac.cn
高守建 sjgao2012@sinano.ac.cn
李连辉 lhli2015@sinano.ac.cn
詹高磊 glzhan2022@sinano.ac.cn
胡东梅 dmhu2010@sinano.ac.cn
王小伟 xwwang2022@sinano.ac.cn
龙军华 jhlong2017@sinano.ac.cn
翟豪 zhao2013@sinano.ac.cn
李广勇 gyli2014@sinano.ac.cn
王俊勇 jywang2022@sinano.ac.cn
邵辉 hshao2023@sinano.ac.cn
张凯 kzhang2015@sinano.ac.cn
宁吉强 jqning2015@sinano.ac.cn
孙建东 jdsun2008@sinano.ac.cn
崔义 ycui2015@sinano.ac.cn
张书明 smzhang2010@sinano.ac.cn
赵志刚 zgzhao2011@sinano.ac.cn
黄宏娟 hjhuang2007@sinano.ac.cn
李春炎 cyli2012@sinano.ac.cn
李加东 jdli2009@sinano.ac.cn
李敏 mli2011@sinano.ac.cn
牛牧童 mtniu2010@sinano.ac.cn
赵德胜 dszhao2007@sinano.ac.cn
钟海舰 hjzhong2007@sinano.ac.cn
宋贺伦 hlsong2008@sinano.ac.cn
张学同 xtzhang2013@sinano.ac.cn
付凯 kfu2009@sinano.ac.cn
范亚明 ymfan2009@sinano.ac.cn
黄俊 junhuang2008@sinano.ac.cn
李坊森 fsli2015@sinano.ac.cn
朱杰 jzhu2007@sinano.ac.cn
俞挺 tyu2012@sinano.ac.cn
骆群 qluo2011@sinano.ac.cn
黄增立 zlhuang2008@sinano.ac.cn
丛杉 scong2012@sinano.ac.cn
郝莹 yhao2017@sinano.ac.cn
周庚衡 ghzhou2017@sinano.ac.cn
程诚 ccheng2017@sinano.ac.cn
匡金骏 jjkuang2017@sinano.ac.cn
熊康林 klxiong2008@sinano.ac.cn
周宇 yzhou2008@sinano.ac.cn
冯加贵 jgfeng2017@sinano.ac.cn
宋文涛 wtsong2017@sinano.ac.cn
方望熹 wxfang2017@sinano.ac.cn
葛军 jge2009@sinano.ac.cn
陈琪 qchen2011@sinano.ac.cn
刘欣 xliu2018@sinano.ac.cn
李铁 tli2014@sinano.ac.cn
张永毅 yyzhang2011@sinano.ac.cn
刘美男 mnliu2013@sinano.ac.cn
王佩玺 pxwang2020@sinano.ac.cn
冯思敏 smfeng2020@sinano.ac.cn
张兴旺 xwzhang2021@sinano.ac.cn
徐盼盼 panpanxu2021@sinano.ac.cn
樊士钊 szfan2020@sinano.ac.cn
王政 zwang2021@sinano.ac.cn
王金娥 jewang2012@sinano.ac.cn
孙玉润 yrsun2011@sinano.ac.cn
冯美鑫 mxfeng2011@sinano.ac.cn
王晓娜 xnwang2016@sinano.ac.cn
张燚 yizhang2009@sinano.ac.cn
康黎星 lxkang2013@sinano.ac.cn
张其冲 qczhang2016@sinano.ac.cn
易觉民 jmyi2020@sinano.ac.cn
朱玉长 yzzhu2011@sinano.ac.cn
孙娜 nsun2013@sinano.ac.cn
赵岳五 ywzhao2017@sinano.ac.cn
田彬 btian2022@sinano.ac.cn
余学超 xcyu2022@sinano.ac.cn